Today, we just expect technology to work. And, if it doesn’t, we are left flustered and agitated. Frequently dropped phone calls, a phone system that crashes unexpectedly, and elusive tech support – in the modern world, these are issues that just shouldn’t happen.

Now, imagine if this scenario is playing out in a public school environment with worried parents and school business to conduct? The situation quickly gets upgraded from frustrating, to downright unacceptable. That’s precisely what happened at Pioneer Public Schools, a small, rural school district located in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Mike Sparks, the superintendent, and principal of Pioneer Public Schools explains. (Read the case study)

“Parents were calling the school, but no one was answering…We knew we had to do something different.”

Taking a different path

Making a plan and taking action – that’s exactly what Sparks and his small staff at Pioneer Public Schools did. They started by getting a real technology pro in their corner. They wanted a technology expert that specializes in reliable cloud-based phone systems, and one that would provide personalized, hands-on support – no matter what. Above all, they wanted a company that would listen and understands the urgency around having a phone system that’s 100% reliable.

Sparks reached out to their trusted cellular provider, U.S. Cellular, to see if they could help with their challenges.  In turn, U.S. Cellular teamed up with their UCaaS partner, Crexendo, to help understand and address their customer’s communications obstacles. Within days of working with Crexendo, the Pioneer Public Schools had a game plan designed to upgrade their analog-based phone system with a fully-integrated Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) system.

So much more than a phone system

What may have started as a rip-and-replace project, where Sparks thought he was swapping his basic analog phone system for one hosted in the cloud, turned into something completely different. How? Check out a few of the UCaaS features that are contributing to amazing things at Pioneer Public Schools for administrators, teachers, students, and parents!

    • Smartphone app – Users can access their ‘office phone’ from their smartphone
    • Call transcripts – Calls between teachers and parents, can quickly be recorded and transcribed for more accurate record-keeping and goal setting.
    • Voicemail to email – Keeps voicemails documented and accessible
    • So much more!

Read our case study to get the full scoop!